Cutler and Smith

Cutler and Smiths unique choice of industrial materials and styling really brings a fresh modern feel. The interior design was based on the presence of raw construction materials people generally try to conceal such as face brick, recycled timber posts, raw Jarrah bench tops and recycled concrete basins which can be seen throughout. Brick cladding used throughout the refurbishment is both innovative in its placement and look.

Recycled timber was used in various elements of the refurbishment from flooring to feature cladding.

Recycled Warehouse Jarrah posts constructed into a framework for the booth seating using custom made steel bolts adds industrial presence to their new surroundings. These posts now lie in their third home from the wool stores in Fremantle to the GBC warehouse at the Port and now at Cutler & Smith.
The unique bottle shop counter has been clad with timber salvaged from the jetty removed from Beacon Island (Abrolhos Island Group).
Vanity tops in both male and female toilets have been created out of raw slabs of jarrah sourced from the mills of southern Western Australia and have been paired with locally made custom basins providing a distinctive industrial feel to the restrooms.

Filament lighting and exposed serviced on display neatly across the ceiling complete the industrial feeling providing a unique venue to dine and socialize in our Midwest region.